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Teleprompters, Audio/Video Converters & Video Switcher/Mixer


Mirror Image Teleprompters: makes the most cost-effective, computer-based teleprompter systems on the market today! Your Image Is Everything!

LCD Starter Series 150MP: $2,275.00
This 15" LCD teleprompter is a perfect fit for those new to the industry or tight on funds. The package comes complete with prompting software & control, and even a 25' cable. Best suited for indoor use. Prompter relies on the software to reverse the image.


  • 15" color LCD monitor
  • Accepts VGA signal only
  • Fully adjustable camera mount
  • No counterweight needed
  • Glass beamsplitter mirror
  • Includes EZPrompt software, mouse to control software, 25' cable


  • Brightness : 250 Nits
  • Input Power : 100-240 Volts AC
  • Input Connector : 15-pin XVGA
  • Weight : 17 pounds
  • Screen Size : 15 inch

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The Market Leader – Over 7000 Installed. Prompter People is the market leader in affordable teleprompter systems. Our teleprompters are used by a wide range of customers including broadcast, cable, corporate, education, ministry as well as video production companies and videographers.

Flex Series Teleprompter (10.4”): $1,099.00
Flex Series Teleprompter (15”):
Flex Series Teleprompter (17”):
Flex Series Teleprompter (19”):


  • Light 10.4”,15”, 17” or 19” LCD displays
  • Supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG, and even DSLR Cameras.
  • Readable to about 27 feet depending on LCD selected
  • Flip-Q Lite software license for Mac and PC included, upgrade to Pro available as an extra
  • VGA input, Composite option available but not required for Flip-Q
  • Runs on 100-240V AC or 12v DC
  • Perfect balance with any size camera
  • Premium HD 60/40 glass beamsplitter
  • Rear Anti reflection coating
  • Completely tool-less setup
  • Lightweight aluminum extrusion frames
  • Easy Top side camera adjustment
  • 3 year warranty on hardware

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Video Switcher/Mixer


HD Switchers

SE-2000 ................SE-3000

SE-2000 HD/SD Switcher (5 Inputs): $4,512.00
SE-2000 is a HD-SDI switcher that is ideal for small live production venues that use up to 5 inputs. By combining 1 or 2 DVI-D sources and 3 or 4 HD-SDI sources, any user can make the most of this flexible unit

SE-2000 HD/SD Switcher (5 Inputs) Kit: $5,904.00
It comes with the SE-2000 HD-SDI switcher, ITC-100 intercom system for 4 users, and the RKM-2000 monitor holder

SE-2000 HD/SD Switcher (5 Inputs) Kit HDR: $6,768.00
It comes with the SE-2000 HD-SDI switcher, HDR-50 rack mounted hard drive recorder, and the RKM-2000 monitor holder

SE-3000 HD/SD Switcher (16 Inputs): $20,160.00
The SE-3000 is a purpose built, fast and easy to use HD/SD live production switcher filled with an impressive number of features and functions. The SE-3000 comes in either an 8-input (SE-3000-8) model or the 16-input (SE-3000) model

SD Switchers

SE-900 KIT ............SE-800 KIT

SE-500 Analog Switcher (4 Inputs): $960.00
SE-500 Analog Switcher Kit (4 Inputs): 1,968.00

It comes with a dual-monitor bank and a monitor holder that places the two monitors right above the switcher

HS-500 Analog Switcher
Mobile Studio Kit (4 Inputs):

A light weight hand-carried solution for transporting: SE-500 switcher and a dual screen monitor as one unit

SE-800 AV Switcher (4 Inputs): $2,496.00
\ SE-800 DV Switcher (4 Inputs): $4,320.00
SE-800AV KIT: $5,338.00
SE-800AV KIT + Intercom System: $6,394.00
SE-800DV KIT: $7,162.00
SE-800DV KIT + Intercom System: $8,218.00

A light weight hand-carried solution for transporting: SE-500 switcher and a dual screen monitor as one unit

SE-900 Switcher (8 Inputs): $4,454.00
SE-900 DV KIT: $7,959.00
Comes with SE-900, 6x DV Input Cards, 2x YUV, CV,S Input Card. 1x Chromakey Card

SE-900 STD KIT: $8,832.00
comes with SE-900, 4x DV Input Cards, 4x YUV, CV,S Input Card. 1x Chromakey Card

SE-900 SDI KIT:$9,360.00
Comes with SE-900, 6x SDI in Cards1x Chromakey Card, 1x SDI out Card

Comes with SE-900, 8x YUV, CV, S input Cards, 1x Chromakey Card

Audio/Video Converter


DAC-7: $413.00
Analog to SDI Converter

DAC-7L: $384.00
Analog to SDI Converter without tripod mount

DAC-8: $384.00
HD/SD-SDI to HDMI Converter

DAC-9: $384.00
HDMI to HD/SD-SDI Converter

DAC-50: $528.00
HD/SD-SDI to Analog Converter


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