Biway Media
is a turnkey system provider for non-linear video editing systems (NLE’s). We have been servicing the broadcast market since 1995 on video production equipments and services. Our main goal is to provide our customers with solid working NLE systems and the best support in the industry.

Biway Media is in fact the ONLY turnkey system provider who gives three (3) years of “Application Support”. Our strongest selling point in this competitive market is our Application Support, giving the customers the comfort of knowing they will get the most value for their investment. We are trusted by thousands of "Video Maker Magazine” readers as one of the best turnkey system providers in the U.S. We at Biway Media are very proud to be recognized, especially considering that it was based on our customer feedbacks and manufacturer recommendations.

Biway Media is not a company of sales persons, but rather a company of production professionals and engineers. Clients are fully supported on hardware as well as software applications. Biway Media also hosts 3D animation user groups and daily training sessions for production tools. Biway Media’s reputation has led to accolade from industry publications and peers alike.

Biway Media is a Certified NLE Turnkey System Provider for the following manufacturers. In the meantime, we are authorized reseller for a lot of other audio/video equipments and accessories manufacturers.

Avid Approved System Provider

Matrox Certified System Builder

NewTek Reseller

Canopus Authorized System Integrator

Avid Pinnacle Signature Elite Reseller

Adobe Authorized Platinum Reseller

Sony Video Editing Reseller