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Biway Turnkey NLE Systems


Media Composer Turnkey System


TriCaster System


Matrox VS4
Turnkey System


Edius Turnkey System


AJA / Blackmagic Turnkey System


Mobile Turnkey Editing System





Avid,AJA & Blackmagic Specials


Avid Media Composer 5: $2,495.00
The fastest, most powerful editing tool available

Avid Media Composer 5
w/Mojo DX:
Accelerated digital video capture, editing,
monitoring, & output

Media Composer 5 w/Matrox MXO2 Mini: $2,895.00

Media Composer 5 Upgrade:
Media Composer 5 Upg w/Matrox MXO2 Mini: $949.00
Media Composer 5 Upg w/Mojo DX: $7,495.00

Avid Mojo DX: $6,995.00

Avid Mojo SDI: $2,495.00
Adds full Connectivity to Pro Decks & Monitors


Avid Turnkey System


Blackmagic Turnkey System


AJA Turnkey System


Editing, Design & Paint

DeckLink HD Extreme 3D: $945.00
The new DeckLink HD Extreme 3D features single and dual channel SDI capture and playback for both regular 2D and new 3D stereoscopic workflows! Includes dual link 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI and analog component/composite/s-video connections.

DeckLink SDI: $280.00
DeckLinkDuo: $470.00

DeckLinkOptical Fiber: $470.00
Optical Fiber SD/HD SDI

DeckLink Studio 2: $660.00
SD/HD SDI, Component, Composite, S-Video

Intensity Pro: $189.00
HDMI & Analog Editing Card

Intensity Shuttle: $189.00
HDMI & Analog Editing USB3.0

Multibridge Pro2: $1,515.00
Multibridge Eclipse: $2,275.00
Multibridge is the world's first external PCI Express capture and playback solution that instantly switches between SD, HD and 2K, in 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 video quality.

Color Correction

DaVinci Resolve software: $945.00
DaVinci Resolve Control Surface: $29,995.00
DaVinci Resolve is the world's greatest color correction now for Mac OS X and Linux!


Routing and Distribution

Smart Control: $470.00
Micro Videohub:$1,895.00
Smart Videohub: $2,370.00

Studio Videohub: $2,845.00
Broadcast Videohub:$14,245.00
Enterprise Videohub: $28,495.00
Now you can eliminate complicated manual video patching forever! Videohub lets you connect all the equipment in your facility and easily change connections right from your computer's desktop! Videohub is a powerful broadcast grade routing switcher that features up to a massive 144 inputs, 288 outputs, 144 deck control ports, and auto switching SD, HD, and 3 Gb/s SDI, all in a compact rack mount chassis only a few inches thick.


HDLink Pro DVI-Digital $470.00
HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort: $470.00
HDLink Optical Fiber:$755.00
Eliminate the high cost of HDTV monitoring with HDLink - the world's most advanced full HDTV resolution monitoring converter for DVI and HDMI monitors. Includes the quality of 4:4:4 SDI video, lookup tables via USB and analog audio outputs. HDLink will solve all your monitoring needs from only $495

Video Record: H.264 Encoding

Video Recorder: $142.00
H.264 Pro Recorder: $332.00
Capture video direct to H.264 video files for your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, YouTube and even full resolution video backups!


Test Equipment

Blackmagic Ultrascope: $660.00
Pocket Ultrascope: $565.00
The world's first 3 Gb/s SDI and optical fiber SDI scopes designed for editors and colorists, with the technical accuracy broadcast engineers will love for only $695!



Broadcast Converter: $945.00
Analog to SDI: $470.00
SDI to Analog: $470.00
HDMI to SDI: $470.00
SDI to HDMI: $470.00
Audio to SDI: $470.00
SDI to Audio: $470.00
Optical Fiber: $470.00
Sync Generator: $280.00

UpDownCross : $470.00
OpenGear Converter (Any Form) : $470.00
Broadcast quality rack mount converters. Choose from analog, HDMI, audio, optical fiber, and sync generator models!



AJA Ki Pro Base Unit: $3,995.00
Portable Digital File Recorder, with Apple ProRes 422

AJA Ki Storage Module 250: $265.00
250GB HDD Storage Module

AJA Ki Storage Module 500: $385.00
500GB HDD Storage Module

AJA Ki SSDModule 128: $695.00
128GB Solid State Storage Module

AJA Ki SSDModule 256: $1,395.00
256GB Solid State Storage Module

AJA Io$2,290.00
10-bit Uncompressed SD Digital and Analog, via Firewire 400
AJA Io HD: $3,495.00
10-bit realtime HD / SD editing via FireWire 800, via Apple ProRes in hardware
AJA Io LA: $1,190.00
10-bit Uncompressed SD Analog, via Firewire 400
AJA Io LD: $990.00
10-bit Uncompressed SD Digital, via Firewire 400
AJA Io Express (PCIe or Exp/34): $995.00
HD / SD I/O for file-based workflows, with PCIe or ExpressCard/34 adapter, AC adapter


250GB HDD Storage Moduleg

AJA KONA 3 (3x): $2,990.00
2K / Dual-Link HD / HD / SD 10-bit PCIe (PCI-X) Card

AJA KONA LHi:$1,495.00
HD / SD 10-bit Digital and 12-bit Analog PCIe Card, HDMI input and output

AJA KONA Lhe (LH):$1,290.00
HD / SD 10-bit Digital and 12-bit Analog PCIe (PCI) Card

AJA KONA LSe (LS):$990.00
SD 10-bit Digital and 12-bit Analog PCIe (PCI) Card


FS1: $3,990.00
Featuring a flexible "anything in, anything out" architecture, the FS1 Universal HD/SD Audio/Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter can simultaneously work with both HD and SD video - all in full 10-bit broadcast quality video and 24-bit audio

HD-Series Mini Converter

Hi5: $490.00
Hi5-3G: $690.00
HA5: $490.00
HDP2: $690.00
HD10AVA: $990.00
HD10CEA: $990.00
GEN10: $390.00
HD10C2: $890.00
HD10MD3: $1,290.00
HD10A: $890.00
HD10A-12V: $990.00
HD10DA: $550.00
HD5DA: $295.00
3GDA: $690.00

D-Series Mini Converter

D10C: $800.00
D10CE: $650.00
D10C2: $525.00
D10CEA: $790.00
D10A: $890.00
D10AD: $650.00
D5CE: $375.00
D4E: $250.00
D5DA: $250.00
D5PSW: $490.00

Audio Mini Converter

ADA4: $390.00
HD10AM: $1050.00
HD10AMA: $250.00

FiDO SDI/Optical Fiber Converter

FIDO-R (-T): $445.00
FIDO-2R (-2T, -TR): $645.00

Converter Power Supplies

DWP: $40.00
DWP-U: $65.00
DWP-12V: $50.00


KUMO 1604: $1995.00
KUMO 1616: $2995.00
KUMO Power Supply: $95.00